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the backyard





Our backyard has abundant shade and acidic soil,┬áso choices for growing edible things are limited. Still, there are options for these conditions, and we are learning to adapt our growing methods. Currently, we have a cherry tree, two blueberry bushes, a growing number of strawberry and raspberry plants, walnuts (thanks to a neighbor’s tree) some sage and other herbs. This is our first year here, so I am still in the beginning stages of planning for this space. I want to have salad greens and other shade-tolerant vegetables in position, but with two little explorers who have claimed this area, I’m afraid it will soon be trampled or uprooted (although they do love to help garden). I’m realizing┬áthat some of the existing landscaping has edibles as well – violets, fiddleheads, and the ever-present dandelion. It is exciting to discover just how much can be harvested from a small, shaded space!