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Vegan Carob-Walnut Muffins

A Baking Drought

Last week, we experienced some rather high temperatures that did not bode well for us in a home that lacks air conditioning. Moreover, our home’s south-facing windows—excellent for light—made the not-so-pleasant weather even more not-so-pleasant, especially considering we live in such a tiny space.
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pinning for the pantry


All of our busyness (how do things never seem to slow down?!) has resulted in a lack of utilizing the dry foods in the pantry. The other day, I opened up the cabinet doors to an array of disorganization. Dry beans, bulgur wheat, cornmeal, pasta, etc, sit in their containers, not getting any fresher. So, the girls and I began pulling things out (they were trying to motivate me, I think).

While listening to my favorite speaker, I began taking inventory and pinning relevant recipes to help me use up the excess. I decided to challenge myself (again), and try to eat almost elusively from the stored food, only buying the fresh produce we need and items for making the recipes, for the next month or two. I will let you know how it goes, and will likely be posting favorite new recipes along the way.

Do you have an excess of food in the pantry that has not been touched in much to long? What are some of your favorite ways to use things up?

plans + peaches


I had plans to write a post on a new chickpea recipe I have been making for quick lunches, but then all these peaches showed up on my countertops demanding attention. My evenings have been spent washing and freezing about 65lbs of the fruit, flash freezing 3 trays at a time. I must admit, I wish we had picked just a little less of this summer treat; but how often is one surrounded by trees full of such deliciousness?

Do you have any favorite recipes or preserving ideas for an abundance of peaches?