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life without shampoo – the no ‘poo method


I don’t wash my hair with shampoo. When this discovery is made by others, it often incites amusing reactions. Usually surprise and curiosity mingle in response, with perhaps a tinge of repulsion. When I first encountered the “no ‘poo” method, I was skeptical as well. The name itself seemed to cause alarm. But, because of my need to do pretty much everything differently, as well as my extreme frugal tendencies, I decided to give the technique a try.

The Reasons

Why switch to the no ‘poo method?¬†Well, for starters it is healthier for your hair, as well as your whole being. Shampoo acts as a detergent, stripping your locks of its natural and beneficial oils (while adding mineral oil which simply sets on your strands of hair). This creates an imbalance and causes overproduction to compensate. This is why many people need to wash their hair daily to deal with greasy roots.

Most shampoos contain chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin. This reason is the most crucial for me. If I try to eat well and avoid chemicals and pesticides in my food, why shouldn’t I do the same with the products I use on my hair and skin? They all end up in our body one way or another.

Another convincing reason is the savings. Water and baking soda are quite the bargain. I am always looking for ways to live healthier and save money, and this method provides a way to do both!

The Method

My routine is simple. Once I run out of my formula, I simply head to the pantry and pull out the baking soda. I mix approximately two tablespoons of baking soda with two cups of warm water, pouring the resulting liquid into an empty shampoo bottle. Every few days or so I use this to clean my hair, shaking before each use.

It took about two weeks for my hair to acclimate. This was not an issue for me as a stay-at-home mama who usually wears her hair up anyway. After the adjustment period, I began to enjoy the benefits of not having to wash my hair daily to tame oily roots. My hair became smoother and healthier. I could choose to cleanse my hair only a few times a week while still maintaining clean-feeling locks.

There were a couple of situations where I did not have access to my “no ‘poo” mixture, but wanted to wash my hair (the hospital after the birth of my second daughter was one such instance). I begrudgingly used the shampoo available and had to restart my baking soda fix at home. I am more careful to avoid such circumstances as a result.

Check back soon for my companion post: life without conditioner.

The Resources

I first learned about going ‘poo-less fom Simple Mom.

Trina at Beginner Beans has a great post on the no ‘poo method for curly hair.