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april update + sifted


The increase in daylight came just in time for this busy season of life. We are in process of finishing up the sale of our first home, beginning a new business venture, working on getting a garden started, and attempting to keep up with everything else. Boredom is a luxury that just doesn’t exist. We take one day off a week, but other than that, it is full force ahead.

I will be sharing progress photos and information on our new garden/urban homestead, as well as more recipes, photos, and projects. In the meantime, I periodically share some of my favorite internet discoveries in my sifted series. My April collection is listed below. Enjoy!

: : I’m inspired by the results of this planting method. Fruit and nut trees take some time to begin producing, so once we start placing ours we will definitely try speeding up the results with the information given. Check out the video!

: : The strawberries are beginning to flower, and I have found this fun project for the girls and I to try out. Maybe we will get to savor more of our ruby-hued fruit than the birds!

: : I often have leftover brown rice to use up, so I found a Lentil and Brown Rice Soup recipe on Pinterest that has become great way to use the leftovers in a delicious and easy meal. I employ my vegetable broth seasoning recipe to replace the chicken broth, and left out the celery (for some reason I never have celery). Yum!



Much has been on my mind lately. Thoughts about the new year, about the alterations to our life this last year precipitated. Contemplating where we are headed and where I want this year to take us. Growth and withering – everything traces back to gardening here.

I apologize if I sound vague. I can’t quite share all of these thoughts, plans and prayers pouring out. Hopefully you will see some of them develop here on the blog. Meanwhile, I am preparing a photography project I am excited about sharing in the coming months. Until then, keep on growing!

waiting and breathing


It has been a long (and fast) few weeks since our world changed. Brian has been working in the city while the girls and I stay on the coast and wait for the closing on our Portland home. The weekdays are often hectic and lonely as I manage things here by myself. My camera has been out of order for several weeks, causing a steady stream of Instagrams as I continue my habit of freezing a few of these moments, to remember and cherish as the days rush on.

Despite my reservations with gardening after we found out about the move, we have managed to gain a fair amount of our fruits and veg of the season from its bounty. Potatoes, salad greens, kale, radishes, cilantro, strawberries, salmonberries, and onions have all been gathered, while the carrots, blueberries, raspberries, sugar peas and garlic continue to thrive and promise a delicious harvest.

All this change was unexpected, and in the opposite direction we were anticipating (I guess that full-on farm/homestead will have to wait a bit longer), but as all the doors flew open, we decided to step through. Moving forward. Waiting and breathing.

new pathways


The past week has brought about significant changes here. The pathways are leading us 2 1/2 hours away, to Portland Oregon. There has been a hurried activity of finishing projects, packing, and figuring out a plan for the next month. The gardening has sadly halted (although I hope to resume wherever we end up landing). The chickens have found new homes. Our lives are about to change, hopefully for the better. Stay tuned as we pack up and discover our next homestead/fixer!

garden inspiration

garden inspiration

Starting a garden can be overwhelming. There are numerous elements to consider, including the design of your space, the climate you plan to grow in , and the plants you want to cultivate. I am always learning (frequently by trial and error) about all of these aspects. Gardening is an activity that involves constant training and adjusting for optimal success.

Often the best place to begin to organize all your plans is to collect inspiration for gardening ideas and advice you come across over time. This can include books, magazines (I often keep our copies of Mother Earth News and Organic Gardening to reference), Pinterest ideas, and informative and motivating garden blogs. Keeping everything can quickly result in disorganization that will hinder productivity, so it is important to maintain only the most relevant sources.


Books and magazines can be wonderful hard-copy references that can be carried outdoors to the garden when needed. Often these contain the most in-depth information on a given topic or vegetable. I keep one main gardening book for information (John Seymour’s The New Self-Sufficient Gardener) which contains the bulk of the gardening advice that I need while planting or caring for my garden.


Pinterest is a useful resource for organizing important gardening links, as well as for pinning garden design ideas. I have a collection of pins that reference plans I would like to implement in our garden space over time, as well as relevant advice that I plan to apply. When you need a little visual inspiration for gardening, Pinterest is the ideal source!

Garden Blogs

I read select garden blogs mainly for inspiration and connecting with other passionate homesteaders and gardeners. I have gleaned many wonderful ideas and advice from blogs over time as well. It is important to be choosy about the garden blogs you choose to keep up with as reading them can waste time that could be spent doing something else, like gardening!

garden inspiration2