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number three



She is three now. I am amazed at how the time has vanished and at how she has grown. My little firstborn – so independent, stubborn, sweet and adventuresome. She spent her special day collecting, cracking, and eating her favorite food at her great-great grandparent’s farm. Life is beautiful and unpredictable.

We traveled 10+ hours south to visit family for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful/difficult trip with lots of stops and sightseeing along the way. The next few weeks will be spent catching up at home, visiting with relatives, and attempting to keep warm and enjoy these moments together. I hope the rest of this year will be full of all the best things for you! Thank you so much for reading my ramblings! Until next year…

update + sifted


It has been a busy month: moving and unpacking, adjusting to city life for this country girl at heart, dealing with a sick toddler and baby, a little traveling, trying to find some time to grow our side income to get us to our financial goals, and just the day-to-day responsibilities and modifications at our new home.

Next week I am excited to start sharing some of the recipes I have experimented with for our family (chickpeas are on the menu again!), as well as a few ideas on what to do with an abundance of that summer harvest which may be piling up for you (for me it was plums and potatoes)! I also want to finish the Life-in-a-Fixer posts with the last photos I took before we moved and reveal the plants (and trees!) I started growing at our new home!

Today, I am leaving some links to my favorite internet discoveries since my last sifted post. I hope you enjoy!

: : This homemade deodorant recipe is amazing! It really works!

: : I found sage growing in our yard, so I will be making this as an all-purpose cleaner.

: : Since downsizing to 1,000 square feet, I have found inspiration in posts like this.  Hopefully soon we can build our own tiny home, tailored for our family (there are certain benefits to marrying an architect). Less is more!

: : Love this post about focusing on beauty even in the midst of difficulty. Holding on to those moments, especially in parenting!

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rest (be still)


Often things can get very busy here. There is always a baby to hold and nurse, a toddler who needs attention, diapers to change and wash, house and garden projects to tackle, and our recently adopted canine who has required extra work and training over the last few weeks. Life can get hectic easily, especially now.

There were a few moments this week where I felt utterly overwhelmed. I needed to stop and pray for patience, strength, and peace. Sometimes it is hard to see the end of a project, or a difficult situation. I must simply trust that this too will pass and that the struggles in this life are permitted to help us grow. I do have to be careful about taking on too much. Right now my focus needs to be on God and my family above all else. Everything will fit into place after these priorities.

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

introducing Larkspur


I have always wanted a dog. I grew up with canine friends and they have all been an important part of my life. Once we settled into our home, we started our search for a dog that would fit into our family well. We went to our local no-kill animal shelter and walked dogs, waiting for the right one. I often get impatient and eventually started to doubt whether getting a dog right now was the right option. A few weeks ago we gave up on adopting a dog altogether, and decided to look at kittens for Cora. That Friday we drove to the shelter and played with the kittens, eventually deciding to fill out some adoption forms for one of the furry felines. Before we could start on the papers, a vehicle with 8 dogs from a shelter in California arrived and my husband decided to help them unload the dogs. He brought in the sweetest little girl. I instantly wanted to bring her home, but she had to pass the baby test. We spent some time with her and saw how she interacted with Cora and Audrey. She fit perfectly and soon we were all packed into our little car, headed home.

We decided to call her Larkspur, because of her blue/grey coloring. She was dropped off at the shelter in California at night, so no one knew her name. Her file called her Kitty – I guess we did bring home a kitty that day! She was scheduled to be spayed the week after we brought her home, but before we could get her to the vet she went into heat. So for the past 2 and a half weeks I have been following her around, cleaning up the blood on the floor. We have also been working on her training. It has been a busy few weeks, but she is a wonderful new addition to the family!