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the season of change


As the weather and season begins to change here in the Pacific Northwest, I am reminded of the season of change in our life right now. We are caught in an interval of major revisions to our path. As we welcome these developments on our dreams and goals, often sacrifice and patience is our fuel for growth. This new period of transformation is both exciting and intimidating. A shift in our reality.

Winter has never been a favorite cycle of mine; yet, every year I am enticed by the beauty and change. Death blanketed in white – melting into new life. Metamorphic alterations. Nature expresses the work of God with so many parallels to my own life. As fall fades into winter, I am grateful for the season, but also thankful it is not permanent. Rebirth is unfolding.



I talk a lot about growth here. Growth that happens in the garden, as well as personal and spiritual growth. One thing I have noticed about this method of change is that it only happens with exposure to three elements.

When a seed comes into contact with the warm light of the spring sun, something miraculous occurs. New life bursts forth and another entity is born. With more time exposed to sun, moisture, and nutrients from the soil, this little sprout continues to develop and brings forth new existence.

In my own life, and in observing others, true growth doesn’t happen without a similar three components. For the seedling it was sunlight, water, and soil. For humans it happens with conviction, encouragement, and inspiration. This process begins and is sustained by these three basic essentials.

light : : conviction

As the light of truth shines it convicts. Where we were once oblivious or deceived, we now have new information that dispels the darkness. This can be a shocking and life-changing revelation. Once exposed to this data one of two things can happen: we may choose to shrivel from this exposure, or we find encouragement in the freedom the truth offers. Sadly, most often in my own observation and experience, we like the comfort of our ignorance or the accepted beliefs we have acquired. But, if we allow this truth to convict us we move forward to the next component of growth…

water : : encouragement

If we choose to find encouragement in the freedom truth offers we begin to allow it to change us. How exactly this happens would depend on the truth, but nonetheless we don’t continue on as before. We begin to see with new eyes. This aspect I like to compare to water or moisture. We examine our lives, our purpose, and our goals with new clarity. This begins to seep into how we live…it is fluid and constantly challenging and erupting our life. It trickles in until we burst forth, a changed being. Often this needs repeating to motivate and relearn when some convictions begin to go stale. If we allow the truth to encourage and change us, a new life begins to break forth.

soil : : inspiration

This element of growth comes with time and experience. This is where we really allow the truth to change our lives, granting it permission to recreate us. This happens with delving into the truth and digging deeper, becoming rooted. In practical application this can be study, sharing our insight (we all better learn things by sharing), and learning from others who are inspired by the same revelations. As we do this, we begin to act upon our discoveries. Once we learn about something, we put it to practice. If all we do is study, we never test that knowledge in a practical way. We should eventually become so inspired by our exposure and the verity of what we are learning that we start to live and breathe with conviction.

Note: While conviction and encouragement may come before inspiration, to have true growth we need all three of these things actively in our life to propagate change, just like the seedling continuously needs sun, water, and soil. The seedling does NOT continue to grow on its own without these three basic elements. So also, we do not have authentic development in our lives without constantly keeping conviction, encouragement, and inspiration in our daily experience. If we don’t have all three in balance, we will either shrivel from the truth, or become water-logged by it and rot.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. : : 2 Corinthians 5:17

life uncomplicated


I tend to overcomplicate things; life, parenting, faith. It is a reoccurring problem that I have to keep in check. Life is better simplified. Walking by faith and God’s Word alone – aka ditching many/most of those “spiritual” books out there. (Note: because something is labeled Christian does not mean it really is.) That goes for parenting books too. Not that there aren’t a few out there that might be beneficial, but when you have to sort through all the others, it isn’t usually worth it.

All this mass of ideas and theorizing often distracts from what is right in front of us. The best thing – knowing your child; knowing God through His Word. Focusing on life. Once these things are progressing, well, things start to get clearer. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t the time to sort. I need the real stuff. The stuff to live on, survive, and thrive. I don’t want to be distracted or deceived. I don’t desire to waste my time discerning someone else’s “wisdom.” Humanity’s posturing doesn’t really lure me anymore. I am learning to keep it simple so that I can have more time for what is important.

p.s. There is one author who has written on spiritual and parenting topics that I do recommend. But that is for another post.

Next week —> life after a fixer

roller coasters + mushrooms


It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and plans over the past few weeks. We have been entertaining and accepting offers on our first house, only to have them fall through. We are  convicted and tested; our goals and ideas changed. Still we have held on. Trusting.

Sunday we leaped. We drove the two hours to our former home and sealed a deal – for now. Then we went mushroom hunting. It was a good farewell to all that we left behind, and a step forward toward our longed-for homestead in the country. Someday. Meanwhile we trust, do our part, and eat mushrooms.

“There are times in spiritual life when there is confusion, and it is no way out to say that there ought not to be confusion. It is not a question of right and wrong, but a question of God taking you by a way which in the meantime you do not understand, and it is only by going through the confusion that you will get at what God wants.”
:: Oswald Chambers



rearranging priorities – my new perspective


I hate having projects and items looming on a to-do list. I stress if something needs to be done – it doesn’t matter if it is a month away. It will bother me until I can check it off. Do now, rest later. The only problem with this mentality is: the rest never comes. There is always more to do, forever something to add.

I drive my husband crazy on road trips. I will want to stay up all night to get the drive over with rather than rest and enjoy the experience. This attitude translates into my daily life. I often take on too much, convinced that it needs to be done. With babies to care for and raise, this mindset has become a challenge. Nowadays, if I can keep everyone well fed and content, I have accomplished much.

The past week has been filled with projects and activities, with me stressing to complete them within my unrealistic time-frame. So no informative post today. Just a reminder to let yourself breathe sometimes. There is forever something that needs to be done. It will all be accomplished, when it needs to be. Enjoy the day and the people God has blessed you with. Do something on your list, and then take some time to pick dandelions with a toddler, or giggle with a baby. These are the truly important moments in life.