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Naptime Diffuser Blend


naptime diffuser blend

Time to Relax!

I’ve come to really appreciate naptime. With two toddlers and working on our homestead, any rest or catch-up work I can squeeze in while my little ones sleep is a true blessing! I have finally gotten to the stage in this parenting thing where both my littles (usually) take their naps during the same time. I think this is in part due to undying diligence and my favorite essential oil diffuser blend for relaxation!
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Homemade Rosemary Pizza Crust


So, with all our moving around and what-not, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to make some of our favorite recipes, or try new ones. A couple of weeks ago I finally felt a little more settled and decided to combine our favorite pizza recipe with my new love of essential oils. I had everything ready to go into the oven and found out that it hadn’t preheated…at all. My new-to-me oven wasn’t working. Thankfully, we have a toaster oven so with some pan adjustments and about four cycles, the smaller pizzas all made it through and were consumed. The flavor of the crust with the addition of the rosemary essential oil was amazing! As soon as our oven was fixed, I decided it was time for another round of pizza-making!
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