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lessons on selling {and buying} with Craigslist


We have been majorly downsizing around here. Living in 1,000 square feet has made me realize that we could do with less… less space, less STUFF. My husband draws and designs house plans under 900 or so square feet for fun. I told him to design us a house with 700-900 square feet. With a good layout and design, it should be just the right size for us. In the meantime, we have been going through all our accumulated things. I have been selling some on Craigslist and eBay, and we are having a yard sale for all the rest on Sunday. Hopefully this will mean a less cluttered life after the weekend! Below are some of the important lessons I have learned from selling our excess belongings on Craigslist:

: : People will almost always ask for $5 less, no matter how well you have priced your item. Adjust your listing accordingly.

: : While it may be safer to meet in a public area for pick-ups, with lots of items and two little ones, it can be too much of a hassle. If you feel unsafe, send the husband instead.

: : When contacted via email to learn if your listing is still available, don’t just respond with an affirmative. Ask when they would like to see the item or respond with the times you have available. This cuts out much back and forth conversation that often leads nowhere.

: : Decide your price point ahead of time. Some may try to lower your figure much beyond what is reasonable by picking on imperfections, etc. Don’t let them scam you out of what the item is worth.

: : Ignore the strange emails asking you to respond via a particular email address while never specifically mentioning the item in the posting.

: : Take a nicer picture of your piece. Better lighting and angles can make the difference between zero emails or ten.

Have you encountered any of these lessons? Or had different experiences?