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the hope + promise


Spring seems to bring the greatest potential. Everything begins to thrive. Life returns where it once seemed dormant. I find hope and promise in my own life as warmth returns to the earth. I begin dreaming of the potential, and activating some of my intentions with purpose. There are expectations that haven’t been realized yet. I am choosing to let go of regrets and begin seeking these ideals with freedom and anticipation. Because it isn’t too late yet.

conversion : : renewal

I am prone to extremes. Sometimes I think we all are. It is easier that way. I am also often driven by perfectionism, which can complicate life. I regularly need renewal. A reflection on what and why I am pursuing. There are usually good reasons, but somehow they get lost in the process. A daily conversion is required to avoid just going through the motions. I have to be reminded of the foundation of my desires.

choice : : circumstance

Life is full of possibilities. Our choices determine many of those circumstances, although sometimes life brings the unexpected as well. Whatever the lot life currently holds, the one thing we do have control over is the response we choose to engage. This is something I am working on.

old : : new

Things are growing here on our little green patch of earth. We are working on some of our plans, as well as adjusting our goals for the future. Our first home, our fixer, is in the process of being handed to new owners. The closing of one chapter while hopefully beginning a new one!

What changes and hopes are you experiencing this season?