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rearranging priorities – my new perspective


I hate having projects and items looming on a to-do list. I stress if something needs to be done – it doesn’t matter if it is a month away. It will bother me until I can check it off. Do now, rest later. The only problem with this mentality is: the rest never comes. There is always more to do, forever something to add.

I drive my husband crazy on road trips. I will want to stay up all night to get the drive over with rather than rest and enjoy the experience. This attitude translates into my daily life. I often take on too much, convinced that it needs to be done. With babies to care for and raise, this mindset has become a challenge. Nowadays, if I can keep everyone well fed and content, I have accomplished much.

The past week has been filled with projects and activities, with me stressing to complete them within my unrealistic time-frame. So no informative post today. Just a reminder to let yourself breathe sometimes. There is forever something that needs to be done. It will all be accomplished, when it needs to be. Enjoy the day and the people God has blessed you with. Do something on your list, and then take some time to pick dandelions with a toddler, or giggle with a baby. These are the truly important moments in life.