Essential Oils

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How to Improve your Family’s Health with Essential Oils

It’s hard to deny the power of plants, and humans have been using plants as medicine for thousands of years. Clove oil and rosemary oil were the most popular essential oils produced during the middle ages.

If you’ve ever opened the lid of a bottle of essential oil, then you are well acquainted with the powerful aroma that they carry. But don’t let the tantalizing scents fool you—these little brown bottles are much more than mere perfume.

Essential oils are powerful and have a mind-boggling array of uses. They provide many natural properties that can benefit the body in many different ways. Herbal essential oils are unique in that they can cross the cellular membrane because their molecules are lipophilic, which is pretty amazing since other products on the market can’t even do this.

Essential Oils Have TRANSFORMED my Family’s Health…

Yeah… I was a skeptic for a while too, but I now use essential oils on a daily basis in every area of my home. My bathroom cabinet has been completely transformed, and I am now empowered with the tools and knowledge to care for my family.

Because of my research and work with MoldBlogger, I knew I needed to find an excellent source of pure essential oils to share with my readers who battle mold. After scouring the Internet, I decided to purchase my test kit. A few days later my package arrived. It just so happened that I was boiling water for a cup of tea to try to ease a sinus headache when I received my oily mail. I forgot about the tea and tried a drop of peppermint, frankincense, and lavender oil on my forehead and neck. I experienced instant relief, and have been hooked ever since!

And They Can TRANSFORM yours, Too!

Please feel free to email me (krystlereeves [at] gmail [dot] com) or join my essential oil Facebook group for more information and tips on ordering essential oils!

2 thoughts on “Essential Oils

  1. Sandy

    Hello Krystal,
    Good information.
    Question…can I use the oil straight on my skin or do I have to dilute it first? My directions say I must dilute the oil first. Please advise me.
    Thank you,


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