Naptime Diffuser Blend


naptime diffuser blend

Time to Relax!

I’ve come to really appreciate naptime. With two toddlers and working on our homestead, any rest or catch-up work I can squeeze in while my little ones sleep is a true blessing! I have finally gotten to the stage in this parenting thing where both my littles (usually) take their naps during the same time. I think this is in part due to undying diligence and my favorite essential oil diffuser blend for relaxation!

I love to use this combo both at naptime for my girls, as well at at bedtime.  Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties and cedarwood has a warm, woodsy, soothing aroma that unwinds my mind from the stresses of the day. This combination really helps this mama to settle back and rest and seems to assist me in preparing my children for a good nap as well.

Naptime Diffuser Blend

I simply use four drops of lavender essential oil and two drops of cedarwood essential oil in my essential oil diffuser. Diffuse according to your diffuser’s directions! Enjoy!

I use and recommend doTERRA oils! Join me over at my Facebook oil group for more tips and information on essential oils!

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