plans + peaches


I had plans to write a post on a new chickpea recipe I have been making for quick lunches, but then all these peaches showed up on my countertops demanding attention. My evenings have been spent washing and freezing about 65lbs of the fruit, flash freezing 3 trays at a time. I must admit, I wish we had picked just a little less of this summer treat; but how often is one surrounded by trees full of such deliciousness?

Do you have any favorite recipes or preserving ideas for an abundance of peaches?

4 thoughts on “plans + peaches

  1. lararothman

    Popsicles! Really, frozen fruit bars. You juice a few and puree a few, then pour them into popsicle molds. You can do this in ice cube trays too, for a great way to infuse peach into iced tea or Italian sodas etc.


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