slug beer traps


If you live in or have visited the Pacific Northwest, then you have likely noticed our slug population. I was intrigued by the little creatures at first, but when they began decimating my growing garden I decided to no longer offer a safe habitation to allow this behavior. After researching some options, my husband and I decided to try out the beer slug trap. It turns out that many people in our community benefit from this method of slug control, and it has worked beautifully in our garden! I have renewed hope that our garden will thrive.


Small plastic containers

Take the small plastic containers and place them at ground level near a problem area. If placing directly in the garden it should be easy to dig a space to set the containers into. Fill each container about 80% full with your beer. Wait. We had 3 containers full of drowned slugs the next day. Discard slugs and beer and repeat process.

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