How to Find Your Homestead

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Finding the right place to settle in and homestead can be a daunting process. We have learned many lessons along our journey to find the perfect spot for us to live self-sufficiently, grow our own food, and produce our own power. The first property we purchased didn’t end up being the ideal situation for us, so we learned what we could, sold it, and moved on to find our current off-grid homestead. I’d like to share what we’ve discovered in the hopes that you can more easily find the homestead that is right for you!
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Vegan Carob-Walnut Muffins

A Baking Drought

Last week, we experienced some rather high temperatures that did not bode well for us in a home that lacks air conditioning. Moreover, our home’s south-facing windows—excellent for light—made the not-so-pleasant weather even more not-so-pleasant, especially considering we live in such a tiny space.
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Learning to Wait

It has been quite some time since I’ve shared here. I think I got distracted and overwhelmed with life and trying to adjust to the changes happening, all while rearranging my priorities. I still am. God often teaches so much through the storms of life. Dependence and patience are the primary lessons I’ve experienced recently. I’m very much the type of person that just likes to get the job done. I always need to have something to DO, but sometimes that something is learning to wait. A hard thing.
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Naptime Diffuser Blend


naptime diffuser blend

Time to Relax!

I’ve come to really appreciate naptime. With two toddlers and working on our homestead, any rest or catch-up work I can squeeze in while my little ones sleep is a true blessing! I have finally gotten to the stage in this parenting thing where both my littles (usually) take their naps during the same time. I think this is in part due to undying diligence and my favorite essential oil diffuser blend for relaxation!
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My Favorite Tot School Resources


Our approach to preschool at home this year with my oldest has been rather casual. I’m not stressing to have something elaborate planned out for each day, as I know at this age play and exploration should be the main focus in learning. Still, I needed some basic things covered and have been gathering resources together to help me in this process. Below are some of my favorite (mostly free!) sources of printables, books, Cd’s, etc. I hope they are helpful to you as well!
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